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Do we need to torture ourself with sport?

Sport has been a part of me since my childhood. Quite honestly, I've never devoted only to one discipline. I tried a piece of everything. Running, swimming, cycling, rollerblading and hiking was accompanying me through my life. 

I'm a sports woman, but not a competitor. Just a recreation enthusiast. I'm not persistent and determined, which are one of the most important traits for success in sport. I want to enjoy in my activity. When I feel pain or tiredness during my daily run, I will stop. I try to listen to my body. I can afford that, because I'm my own boss. And I like it. 
I don't have any particular goals regarding physical activity. Well, one and only… I wish to workout every day. This has an excellent effect on my mood. It pushes my daily productivity and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. 
In Denmark I bought a fitness membership for the first time in my life. Surprisingly, because  I've never liked it. I've rather spent my free time somewhere o…

Jealousy or Insecurity?

It was time for lunch, so we went to the nearby restaurant. I can say that we had a double date. My boyfriend, I and a lovely couple from Hungary, Zsolt and Karolina. I'm so happy that we met here, in Denmark, because we spent so many happy days together. 
A young smiley lady approached to our table, so that we could order some food. She noticed that we were foreigners, and so she started a conversation with my boyfriend Gregor and his co-player Zsolt. When she left the table, I quietly mentioned my remarks to Gregor. At the same time Zsolt started to laughing, because Karolina said something to him ... but  I couldn't understand it... they were talking in their language. Then Zsolt said: »She's crazy… she thinks that this girl was flirting with us!« We all began to laugh, because this was the same thing that I told to Gregor just a few minutes earlier… A coincidence or a truth? 
No, my darlings, this is just  jealousy. Thank God that it ended with smiles on our faces. …

The Importance of Self-care

Today, I would like to share some little things that make me feel healthy. Some of them I follow everyday, and others just from time to time. But I think that each of them have a very positive effect on my body, mind and soul. And this is what counts the most… a very important sensation, which makes me feel good and satisfy with my life.

My little healthy things:1.Waking up at 7 o'clock. I love to bring some morning's freshness into my day.

2. A glass of water with lemon. This is important for a proper good morning. Liquid with some vitamins is definitely a good start of a day.

3. A healthy breakfast. Oatmeal with diverse supplements is a perfect breakfast for my well-being. I also like to prepare a healthy smoothie with a variety of fruits, seeds, nuts and some plant milk. I sometime add chia seeds, cinnamon and ginger. 

4.Green tea or black tea with milk, instead of coffee. 
5.Meditation or yoga. I don't do them very often lately. This is definitely something which I have …

Fear is the brains way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome

When we first moved here, in Copenhagen, we were living in the centre of the city. Back then we could see it from our french balcony. It wasn't so far. Just a few blocks away. It looked so beautiful, mighty, stunning and high. A lot of times I was thinking to visit it, to sightsee… I was planning to do that during Gregor's day off. It's one of the most famous here in capital city of Denmark. And I'm not surprised. I have to admit, that it's really something special. And that's just because of an amazing top… It's breath taking…

Somewhere in the middle, visitors come out. They step on the outer staircase, red one, with golden trim. Steps are beautiful, shiny and sunlit. They go around and around of the spire.

From our balcony, I didn't notice the people there. But closer as I was approaching, I could see the line of people slowly climbing on the top. I was full of enthusiasm, because I knew that I will reach this peak on my own. I entered the church…

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom

The older I get, the more fears I have. Totally unintelligible. It should have been just the opposite. Everything started with a fear of snakes, then a fear of sharks, now I'm terrified of elevators, small spaces and  large crowds of people. What the future holds... 

For each of the above-mentioned object and circumstances, I know the cause of fear. I know why I'm afraid. I know all events that were the reasons for all this. But I can't get rid of fears. They obstruct my daily activities. As an example, I can tell you about my vacation by the sea… I don't go in the sea, because of sharks. And I truly love swimming. But the fear is stronger. So that's why I just dive into water and then I'm almost flying back to the land. I know how silly and absurdly this sound to you, but I can't help it. 
The fears we don't face, become our limits.  (Robin Sharma)
When we are afraid of something, it is very typical to predict future events related with our fears (my…

Optimistic view on computer games

It's great that we're trying to find something good in every bad experience, right? To look from a different angle and see that everything isn't just black and whit. So I did it. I searched through the various surveys and found something worthwhile telling you. I discovered a bright side of playing video games.

My generation of young adults and adolescents probably isn't burdened by the impact of sitting on the couch and playing Playstation games. But time runs fast and when our children will be born and will wish to play games at an early age, it will soon become our concern. And at that time we will be like today's young parents, who are constantly wondering how much time per day is still acceptable to let their children sit behind their computer or when they can buy them a gaming console, without a guilty conscience. 
Well, it's truth that we don't have any children yet, but gaming has already been my concern. It started with my brother who of…

A neat and clean home

I inherited this  from my mom. Although I didn't understand her in my childhood … Why should we tidy up the living room, before we start to watch the evening movie?

»I can't sit calmly if I see that everything is higgledy-piggledy« she said, when I and my brother was surprisingly watching her and asking ourself why toys and trash at the coffee table bothering her so much. Couldn't we clean it during the television advertisement? 
And look at me now… History repeats itself. I feel guilty if  I sit on the couch, when I know that  clean dishes needs to be put in the kitchen cabinets. And I can feel the same way, when me and my boyfriend go somewhere outside, in a grocery store or a restaurant, and leave the untidy apartment. Isn't just nicer to come back in the orderly and neatly home? 
The table in the living room must be clean. Always! Box with tissues has to be in the corner of the table. In front of it must be a candle and then next to it a handcream. Gregor'…


… was probably on your mind, when you received rejection over your phone, a few minutes after you had seen this person on the street. We have to admit that everything is easier through our phone… 
In this instance we don't comprehend the co-speaker as a being with unique personality traits, wishes, goals and needs, but as an object that is easier to ignore, leave in the lurch, offend or even hurt his/her feelings. In this way we depersonalize a person on the other side of the phone. 
Besides that, we can save a lot of time when discussing over the phone and simply keep our attention on a particular content. A common questions like »Are your kids doing fine?« or similar private debates will be much less likely to start over the phone than in a face to face conversation. 
Negotiation is also more objective in phone conversations, because it relates only to the object of negotiation and not to the personality traits of people involved. 
What are the benefits of a face to face conver…

I'm so lucky to have them...

Today I will talk about friendship… I hope that a long way from home won't separate us. Never. It hasn't till today. Thank God… And it has been halfway through the year since we moved. We kept in touch and didn't forget each other… we also haven't abandoned drinking coffee in the mornings… The only difference is that we are now doing it through facetime. But we need patience with the internet connection, which sometimes breaks off … once there is no picture, another time a voice is missing… But despite everything I stay informed with the latest news from my home town.
I have two best friends. They are as different as chalk and cheese… Ana is always ready for crazy new things, adventures and parties. You can't get bored with her. Nika is a calm lady, who doesn't deviate from her principles and values. She is a specialist for fashion and make-up. I like to say that both of them complement me and enable me to stay educated in all interesting areas of life.