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The Importance of Self-care

Today, I would like to share some little things that make me feel healthy. Some of them I follow everyday, and others just from time to time. But I think that each of them have a very positive effect on my body, mind and soul. And this is what counts the most… a very important sensation, which makes me feel good and satisfy with my life.

My little healthy things:

1. Waking up at 7 o'clock. I love to bring some morning's freshness into my day.

2. A glass of water with lemon. This is important for a proper good morning. Liquid with some vitamins is definitely a good start of a day.

3. A healthy breakfast. Oatmeal with diverse supplements is a perfect breakfast for my well-being. I also like to prepare a healthy smoothie with a variety of fruits, seeds, nuts and some plant milk. I sometime add chia seeds, cinnamon and ginger. 

4. Green tea or black tea with milk, instead of coffee. 

5. Meditation or yoga. I don't do them very often lately. This is definitely something which I have to include in my everyday routine. I usually perform them when I feel overstressed or when my monthly migraine appears…  when it's actually to late. Probably I wouldn't even have my headaches if I would meditate regularly. Everyone should dedicate a few minutes per day to relax themselves... to take a breath, comprehend what's happening around us and focus on a present moment. 

6. A physical activity.  I can congratulate oneself about this. I go to the gym everyday. Morning exercise will motivate me. So I will feel much better, healthier and more satisfied… And this will increase my productivity throughout the day. 

7. A dinner before 7 o'clock in the evening. This is my complete end of the day. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't matter what I eat, as long as I eat early enough, I will feel great. In this case I will keep my motivation for the next day. 
The one and only rule in healthy living: 
Do what works for you!. 
Our life satisfaction is certainly related with our health behaviour. Researchers found out that satisfied young adults don't smoke, exercise more often, eat more fruit, limit fat intake and use sun protection regularly. Considering all in all, the physical activity is the most strongly associated with the satisfaction of individuals. It reduces depression and increases our well-being. 

Why do you live or want to live healthy? Should I ask you otherwise… Why do you exercise? You can keep the answer for yourself… just be honest. What's your motive? 

You are probably wondering why am I questioning you those stuffs… I've read that health beliefs didn't mediate connections between life satisfaction and healthy behaviour. So that means that satisfied people live healthier because of various reasons, but not for health-related reasons. Let me tell you an example… You can feel happy and motivated to exercise just because of your desire to look fabulous on the outside… because you want to look attractive for someone… so your motivation for healthy lifestyle can originate from your craving to fulfil particular social standards, like 'it's normal to visit the gym'… 

Apparently, the majority of young adults live healthy lifestyle because different reasons, and not just because it's beneficial for their health. And if I think really quickly, without any time to mull things over, I don't see that this is wrong. Who cares about the reasons for healthy living… The only important thing is to live that way – healthy way! But If I think it over… it's just not so simple. It's not good that your motives for healthy life depend on external circumstances... that you follow only social standards, only things that are currently socially desirable… Because they are changeable… So your motives will be too. And of course we don't want that… we will always need our health, no matter of the society and its thinking. And I hope that you all are fully aware of this… 
A person who has health, has hope… and a person who has hope, has everything!
So take care of yourself and your health… And do this because of YOU… The quality of you life depends on this. Nourish yourself and your body, because you deserve this and not because the others dictate you this.

Source: Grant, N., Wardle, J. and Steptoe, A. (2009).  The relationship between life satisfaction and health behaviour: A cross-cultural analysis of young adults. International society of behavioral medicine, 259-268.  DOI 10.1007/s12529-009-9032-x


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