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Do we need to torture ourself with sport?

Sport has been a part of me since my childhood. Quite honestly, I've never devoted only to one discipline. I tried a piece of everything. Running, swimming, cycling, rollerblading and hiking was accompanying me through my life. 

I'm a sports woman, but not a competitor. Just a recreation enthusiast. I'm not persistent and determined, which are one of the most important traits for success in sport. I want to enjoy in my activity. When I feel pain or tiredness during my daily run, I will stop. I try to listen to my body. I can afford that, because I'm my own boss. And I like it. 

I don't have any particular goals regarding physical activity. Well, one and only… I wish to workout every day. This has an excellent effect on my mood. It pushes my daily productivity and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. 

In Denmark I bought a fitness membership for the first time in my life. Surprisingly, because  I've never liked it. I've rather spent my free time somewhere outside, in the nature and in the sun… with our dog or in a company with my friend… but most of the time, I was alone. This was my time to escape from my  student life, which was going too fast. 

But here, in the north, everything seems different. The nature is not like our slovenian…without orchards, forest paths or wild meadows. The nature is just too beautifully arranged to enable me a relaxation and contact with true countryside. And there's also the weather … It irritates me almost every single day. There is some sun in the morning, but during a day, the clouds, rain and wind will definitely find the way to me. And because my physical activity was too dependent on the weather, I decided to join the fitness club. 

And now fitness grew on me. Even though I still don't know a half of the devices there (laugh). And I don't really mind, because the most important thing is having fun… and to be happy. Yeah, believe me that with regular physical activity we can influence our feling of happiness. I think that you all know that the cause is the release of endorphins. The research has shown that young adults were also more optimistic when they were exercising regularly… and also their self-esteem was better. The latter is improved because the physical activity enables meeting new people and connecting with them, which is a big advantage for an images of ourselves. 
Exercise not only changes your body. The most important … it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood!
Physical activity also helps to reduce the feling of stress and enables better adjustment to different stressful life event. And that is very important at my age, because young adults are dealing with a lot of difficulties. For example, we are learning how to live on our own and we are also starting our career. And the last but not least benefit of exercising is to improve the body images. So, what are you waiting for? Start with your workout! 

Next Tuesday I will share some tricks to maintain motivation for sport! Subscribe in the box below or like my facebook page, so that you don't miss anything important. 


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