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Trip to Aarhus!

My boyfriend and I went in Aarhus on a free Thursday afternoon. We had to run some errands and then we also decided to visit the center of this beautiful nearby city. We combined what it was necessary and beneficial. We were planning to do all of this for quite some time, but there were always some troubles, which had prevented our trip.  It was a rainy day, which didn't ruin our happy mood. We ate our favorite pizza Domino's and accidentally found Street food , which you just have to visit when coming in Aarhus. A lovely feature of this city, with some cute colorful food stalls, food trucks, containers and bars in a huge hall… there you can find a lot of different specialties… healthy, unhealthy, vegan, caloric, sweet, salty etc. Unlike my boyfriend, I just couldn't resist the delicious looking dessert. At the end of the day, we also looked for a shopping center , where we ended up really exhausting. I also hav


I've heard about meditation in primary school for the first time when my grandmother got the idea that we all take part in the course Transcendental meditation . It sounded interesting for me, but I didn't decide to participate because it was during my school activities.  However, this was my first introduction to this mysterious activity .  On the one hand, it seems that a meditation is know all over the world and everybody is doing it. I read about it everywhere, I am watching different videos about it and I am listening to all positive sides of meditation. But on the other hand, I noticed that a lot of young adults aren't familiar with meditation, even despite all accessible information. It is still one of those activities that they know little about or they even think that this is a boring activity , without a meaning or weird one . It is true that we know a lot about effects of meditation, but at the same time, we know nothing. It is complicated. We

I travel alone today!

During your reading, I will be safely home, in Slovenia. But at the moment, I am sitting in the waiting room at the airport in Aarhus and subtracting minutes to the boarding on the plane. Actually, I still have a plenty of time, because I have to wait approximately two hours. My beloved ones expected this because I am always early. I don't want to be late, especially not today… The plane can take off without me. You can never know what can happen on the road, so it is always wise to be a little bit earlier. Emphasis on the word LITTLE , of course, so I really don’t know if I am the right address to share such tips. Today I am definitely too early because I’m sitting with people, who booked an early flight to Copenhagen, which will take off an hour and a half before mine. But at the beginning of my arrival to the airport I didn’t know that people next to me were waiting for an early flight to Copenhagen, so you can only imagine me in

How to have an authentic conversation?

Conversation connects us. We get closer to each other. It unites us and fills us with energy.  I know that conversing is a very important thing. I always knew that. And now, I am even more aware of this... I am living in Denmark, away from my home country Slovenia, which gives me no other options then maintaining contact with only talking. I know that physical presence is a significant element, but we can do without that too. We don’t have a choice and it’s okay.  People are different. Some people talk all the time, but they don’t know how to listen. Others know how to listen, but they don’t trust. There are those who leave the impression that they are listening, but they are thinking about other stuff. We can’t blame them. Their obligations are probably in their mind all the time. Problems take them away. I wish they would know that...  having a conversation is like a medicine, it cures, heals, helps and makes us stronger.  And s

Meal planning and healthy way of eating

Would you define your eating habits as healthy? If not, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to admit, because it’s your parent's fault… No, no, no, I’m just kidding. Well, but the truth is that our eating habits are truly inherited from our parents or beloved ones. Even more, we were tasting different flavours when we were in mama’s belly, before our birth! So actually the taste is learnt, which is very useful information. This means that a flavour of healthy food can still grow on us. So, maybe I will, someday and somewhere, like the taste of a sour turnip. And when I will decide to taste it, it would be great if the food will be served by someone who I love, because this feeling will pass on culinary delights from my plate. Also, it is very important that while I will be trying a sour turnip, people around the table will be making a positive atmosphere and talking only about happy topics. This positivity will be associated with the food,