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Essential things for a successful day!

We all have our own tricks for a successful day. We have our own way of being productive and motivated for a working day. This helps us to complete all tasks from a 'To-do list' so that we don't procrastinate. I don't know how it's with you, but I will fall asleep a little bit happier when I know that I have finished all of my obligations. I look forward to tick all things from my daily list. 

Now I can't resist to smile, because I know that this blog post will probably also read someone, who doesn't love planning at all. But, I am not insane… Try it and you will see that planning can be a really great thing…
Just give it a chance!
The truth is that we all have enough time for everything. Yeah, time flys… BUT, we have enough time! The real problem is the absence of energy, motivation or incorrectly arrangement of daily activities. I will tell you my trick to create a successful and productive day. I hope that they will serve you as an inspiration. It is not necessary that they will be good for you in the exact same form as they serve me… I just want to encourage you to find your own tricks and become even more successful and productive.

1. Morning alarm.
I usually set my alarm clock 10 minutes before I have to wake up. In this case, I afford myself a few minutes of cuddling and thinking about my working day. Then I wake up and start with my morning routine. If we want to have a successful day, the start of the day is very important! Only because of that it is essential to wake up with your alarm, just like you have set it an evening before. Don't allow yourself to lie around any longer... Just wake up and start the day properly. Otherwise, you will be rushing and things will end up uncompleted. The result is that you will leave your apartment with an unclean kitchen, with a bathroom full of makeup and with an untidy bad.

2. Write your 'To-do list' while drinking morning coffee.
Here we go again… planning. All of you, who don't like it… you don't know what are you missing. I hope that I can inspire or encourage you to write your first plan. But be careful… 'To do list' should not be too long. Don't be too strict with yourself… remember: Less is more. Five task is more than enough for one day. Just think of this… If you successfully and thoroughly finish five tasks per day… this means 35 tasks in a week and 150 tasks or more in one month. Wow, this sounds pretty, right?

3. Breaks, relaxation and time for fun.
Believe it or not, this is also an important part of my productive day. As mentioned before, the time is usually not a problem, but a lack of energy and motivation is. That's why funny and relaxing breaks are significant. Those are actually awards for hardworking. The content of my breaks is very different. I meditate, watch a vlog, clean or organize the apartment, make a dinner or exercise. During my breaks, I do something that I like and what diversify my day.

4. An arrangement of my tasks and breaks.
A great importance! Breaks have to be regular, often and not too long. During my study of psychology, I was doing like this … I was intensely studying for one hour and then I took 15 minutes break. It didn't matter if I finished one topic in one hour… I always took a break. My learning style could be funny for you, not many people are using it, but it was very beneficial and successful for me. I'm still using it now when I am writing a blog post or reading scientific articles… one hour of work and 15 minutes of rest.

5. Importance of tasks.
At the beginning of your day get rid of the toughest task and don't delay them. This is my way of handling the hardest things. I'm calm, relaxed and as fresh as a daisy in the morning, which means that I will handle complicated tasks with ease. And then, during the day I will have to accomplish only simple tasks. While I was studying psychology I was waking up at 5 a.m. in order to study the most demanding topics before I went to school.

6. Organising working environment
I can't work in disorder. What about you? My working table has to be clean, organize and neat.
It's hard to think in a jumble.
So, before you start working or studying, organize your desk. I can confide in you I will do it today! It's on my 'To do list' and I look forward to do this.

7. Turn off your phone.
Put the phone on silence and move it away from you… somewhere where it won't disturb you with every message or notification that you will receive. During the break, you will make up for the lost time.

Write me if those tips were useful for you… I would be happy if I would receive your feedback. Share your trick for a productive day! And subscribe to get a short version of this list!




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