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Important things to consider after you've moved

Everything happened so quickly. Expeditiously. It was even faster then the last time, when we moved from Slovenia to Denmark. On Sunday evening they made a final agreement and then on Monday morning we were already travelling to Silkeborg. This town will become our home for almost one year. My boyfriend accepted the offer that he will go on loan to the local football club. We are sad, because we have to leave Brøndby, but also happy, because we will explore another beautiful city and meet new people. 

I usually take time for packing our stuff, I write a plan, so that I don't forget something important. On Monday morning there was no time, so you can imagine how quickly and negligently I was filling our suitcases. The hardest thing was that I didn't even know for how long I need to pack our clothes, because we didn't know when we will return to our apartment in Copenhagen. We knew that there was an international football break during the weekend, so we were hoping to sneak to our Slovenia for couple of days. Our wishes came true, because while you are reading this blog post, we will be luckily at home. 

I would like to return back to the Monday's story. After a morning packing there was a three-hour drive from Copenhagen to the unknown. We've never been in Silkeborg before. People told us that it is a very nice place. They didn't lie, as we later found out that this is a wonderful city. The very first drive through the city already made me happy. Our first stop was, of course, a football stadium. When we arrived we noticed that the stadium was a completely new one, just built. And when they nicely led us inside, we could see that they were still arranging the final trivialities. 

Gregor, my boyfriend sign a contract, finished a short interview and played a friendly match for his new club, while I was supporting him from the stand of the colourful stadium. I always proudly and joyfully watch his match, but on that day my migraine made this really hard. I think that the headache was like a tax for our quickly decision that we are moving. But I'm pleased to say that the team won and that Gregor, in my unprofessional opinion, perfectly played his first match in Silkeborg!

For now we are staying in the hotel, where we would be living till our third moving to a new flat. When I'm thinking about all of this, it seems very crazy to me. Over the past year we experienced so many migrations that we can just laugh about it. We really can't get bored with our lifestyle. Gregor often says: »Saša, this is football«. We have to accept this way of living, because we can't change it. And actually I don't mind, as long as we are together
… my 'home' went from being a place to being a person.
The sense of home is very important for every one of us. After your moving in the new environment you have to make sure, that you will feel good and pleasant. I think that changing flats is a very common phenomenon especially among young adults. I have moved three times during my studying in Ljubljana. So yes, I suppose I can say that I'm an experienced migrant

Moving in to the different city can be really exhausting. Andi if we forget about filling boxes and dismantling furniture, the most important thing here is to leave friends, daily routine, familiar activities and so on. In a new city we have to do everything again, from the beginning. Adapting to the physical, social and cultural environment can be hard for everyone. So it's completely understandable that the researchers found out that locals are happier than internal migrants. 

Migrants, in comparison with locals, spend less of their free time outside the house. They are also less physical active and they spend less time to socialize with other people. It's actually like a vicious circle. Migrants are under a lot of stress, because they have moved in a new environment. Therefore they hardly find physical and mental energy for participating in different unfamiliar activities, which are very important for their feeling of happiness. The latter get smaller, which again leads to lower energy and so on. 

Note to myself and for everybody who are planning to move to a new place
- Plan to engage in variety of social activities
- Start with a group workout
- Explore a city, start to meet new people and try to find new opportunities for connecting with others. 


Source: Hendriks, M., Ludwigs, K. andVeenhoven, R. (2016). »Why are locals happier than internal migrants? The role of daily life«. Social Indicators Research, 125, 481-508.


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