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10 motivation tricks for exercising!

We are back in Denmark. I’ve already mentioned in Friday’s post that we afford a short, but sweet vacation in Slovenia. It was perfect. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for all my beloved ones, but I hope that we will come back very soon and make up for lost time. I’m happy, because I managed to chat with at least the majority of my family members and friends… because of them saying goodbye is even harder. 

As promised, I will reveal some tricks about gaining and maintaining your motivation for training. So let me tell you my favourite ones: 

1. How many times, when and how long? 
Firstly you have to think how many days in a week you want to be physical active. It can be ones, twice, three times per week or maybe even every day. Those decisions are up to you, they depend on your workdays, so it is important that it is convenient for you. Then you have to determine exact day and time of exercise, till/since when you will be training. 

2. Mental preparation. 
You should begin your preparation a day before, if your motivation for exercise is really low. Mental preparation is very important. In case that you want to visit a gym at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, then you should be thinking about it on the previous evening. 

3. Start slowly. 
At the beginning you can be really motivated for your sport, so this mean that you will start your exercise with enthusiasm, which can lead to exaggeration in your physical activity. All together can cause beginner’s injuries and tiredness. At the end your exercise can lose a positive hint. And we don’t want this to happen, so don’t rush... don’t let anyone to pursue you. Take your time and simply enjoy. 

4. Equipment for sport. 
You can prepare all of your stuff early in the morning, so you won’t be obstructed, but at best even encouraged to visit the gym. It is also very important to feel comfortable and pleasant in your sport clothes and shoes. So for a start you can buy some freshly new and attractive sports pieces without any guilty consciences.

5. Invite your friend. 
Everything is easier in a company. You could exchange some encouraging words with each other at the time when that sleepy and rainy Sunday afternoon will come. 

6. Playlist. 
Take half an hour to create your perfect list of your favourite songs. This is also one of the important factors, which would stimulate your motivation. 

7. Challenge yourself. 
Set yourself some interesting challenges. They have to be only yours, a little bit above your everyday performance. But don’t be too hard on yourself. You have to enjoy in your activity. Challenges have to enthuse you in a way, that you will put your trainers on full of happiness and that you will rush to compete with yourself. Let me tell you my self-imposed challenge… Every Sunday I accelerate my running speed for two numbers higher. So I couldn’t wait to check my Sunday's qualities. 

8. Diversify your time. 
 In case that you want to strengthen your belly, you have to find some various exercises for every day of training. We all know that monotonous trainings can lead to boredom and to a rapid loss of motivation. 

9. Write good reasons for exercising. 
The list will remind you on your desired goals. In case of laying on the couch and thinking “Why do I need to workout?” everything will feel easier just by recalling things from you list. 

10. Don’t give up. 
Don’t worry if you forget on one of yours planning training. You can do it tomorrow. Everyday is a new beginning. Just don’t delay your exercise to the next start of a week or a month…You don't need to be perfect. Just do it.  Don’t procrastinate your chores. 

If you can't do it today, do it tomorrow! Tomorrow’s day is full of new opportunities.

Source: Green-Demers, I., Pelletier, L. G., Stewart, D. G. and Gushue, N. R. (1998). Coping with tle less interesting aspects of training: Toward a model of interest and motivation enhancement in individual sports. Basic and applied social psychology, 20(4), 251-261.


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