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Grab a pencil and write down your long-term goals!

Do you have any long-term goals? Or do you just think that is better to live from day to day? I can tell you, that it is not, so grab a pencil and write down your long-term goals. And then stay motivated to achieve them… Grit is a very important personality trait, which means that you are dedicated to higher long-term goals with enthusiasm.

I know… Easy to say hard to do… But grit is strongly related to well-being! That means that grittier individuals think more optimistic and have more positive expectations about self, life and the world. They are more productive and creative!

But something is between grit and well-being… something connects both of them  - satisfaction of the two basic psychology needs, Autonomy and competence!

Autonomy is a need for behaving upon our volition and competence refers to fulfilling our capacities.

We can simply say: Grittier people are more capable of satisfying their needs of autonomy and competence, which improves the quality of life. 

So what can we do? It is good to know that we can learn how to be gritty … this personal quality can be developed and worked on over time. Here are some simple tips, how to do small steps to your goals:

  1. Write down your long-term goals.
  2. Make a plan or some kind of routine that will lead you to your aim. But don't be too strict with yourself. Maybe it will be enough only 10 minutes per day to do something which is related with your goals.
  3. Stay persistent and consistent with it!
  4. Share your plan or goals with someone. In this case you will more likely withstand temptation and work in the direction you have set.
  5. When you will have no will of your own, try to find different inspiration for your work. Check out Youtube channels or Pinterest. I can always find interesting ideas there.
  6. Just don't give up and don't forget: 
  Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves!
Do you want to know how gritty you are? Here you can check out this Grit Scale.

Source: Borea, J. and Joohan, K. (2017). Grit, basic needs satisfaction, and subjective well-being.


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