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How to create homeliness in your new home?

I’m happy and marry today. We finally found our dream home. Everything happened so quickly, but so spontaneously… I think that this was meant for us… this was our fate. Well, if this wasn’t fate, then it was definitely a Slovenian handball player Miha and his lovely girlfriend Laura, who nicely extended a welcome to us, here in Silkeborg. Finally I put my English aside and introduced myself in Slovenian. Great feeling! 

Imagine how amazing was drinking coffee and chatting with a Slovenian, who also gave us some helpful tips about new, yet unknown town - Silkeborg. After a short talk, we switched to our unsuccessful search for a new apartment, which led us to the point that we drove to see a new apartment together. On the verge of the Silkeborg, we arrived in a cute residential area and we stopped in front of our future home. Adorable little house, surrounded by nature on one side and again with other lovely houses on the other. 

First important thing: parking space. Check! It may sounds funny, but we didn’t have it in our first apartment and my boyfriend was losing his temper everyday, while driving around our apartment building and searching for a place to park. Now we really appreciate a housing offers, which includes a space for our car. 

We opened the front door and Wow! We will take it. When we entered, the sun welcomed us and created even more magical space. We walked through the apartment and have already started planning about our bedroom, room for quests and where to put all our furniture. Everything was perfect! As mentioned above, I’m happy and merry, because our time of living in a hotel is coming to an end!

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t complain about an abundantly served hotel breakfasts and kindly chambermaids, who offer freshly clean towels every single day… and I don’t mind the fragrant bedding… But still we miss home cooked dinners, lunches and breakfasts… we dream about beef soup, homemade spaghetti bolognese and simply cooked rice… We miss our bed, our couch and actually all of our things, which made our place home and cosy. All of those things are still waiting for us in a very distant Copenhagen.

And again, another positive affective bond will be disband … an affective bond with our old apartment… Just as we can be attached to people, we can also be attached to places, things or environment. In a place, where we feel safe and comfortable, the bond can be established really quickly. Such places can be called        H O M E

Attachment to a particular place is one of the basic human needs, which has a great impact on our identity. What’s my point? It’s important that you try to make your new apartment cosy and that you make sure to conjure up the feeling of home. You have to feel cosy, because this will influences on many aspects of your life. There are different ways to provide comfort, try to find them and make your family a nice place to live. I will share some suggestions with you a little bit lower. 

Of course you can’t substitute your birthplace, which has a large meaning for all of us. We are living abroad for eight months now (Oh my god, time flies), but the affective bond with my home town is still very tight. Well, the vast majority of individuals who spend their lives by moving from place to place have the greatest attachment to their home from childhood. That’s perfectly understandable, because events from childhood have a very significant impact on person’s adulthood. Bad experiences from childhood have a long-term consequences on someone’s capability of creating an attachment in adulthood. It’s interesting that people who moved away from their birthplace, had a strong bonds to this town in a nostalgic sense, but they had no intention to move back. This definitely doesn’t apply to us, because I am sure that we are moving back to Slovenia some day

Creating an affective bond with your apartment depends on physical and social features of your place, and also on individual’s needs and past experiences. Here are my tips for creating your home more cosy and comfortable: 
  • Scented candle in every room of your apartment. It doesn’t matter whether is winter or summer, candles are never out of fashion. 
  • Blankets and pillows in your living room. Don't listen to your partner, who is probably saying that those things are just clutter… they will love them sooner or later. 
  • Hang some family photos on your wall. 
  • Enrich the bedroom wall with some string lights
  • Put some flowers and greenery on your kitchen table and window’s shelves. 

Source: Giuliani, M. V. (2003). Theory of attachment and place attachment. Psychological theories for environmental issues, 137-170.


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