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Do dreams effect on daytime mood?

I never get bored through nighttime. My brain makes sure that I wake up enthusiastically almost every morning… and then I can’t wait on my boyfriend’s alarm, because in a moment when he opens his sleepy eyes, I enrich him with a lot of lovely stories from my dreams. But you can imagine that Gregor is nowhere near as thrilled about my dreams as me, because he can’t make head nor tail of them… But still they leave a large stamp in my ingoing day.

I will never forget the nightmare from which my boyfriend woke me up, because I was hysterically crying. Even now I can remember this dreams and I know that I spent my day with bitter taste in my mouth because of them. And I also won’t forget the dreams from the previous week.  They still make me laugh, even today.
Some of the biggest adventures happen only in your dreams.
I often ask myself where do my grey cells find so much diverse material for all adventures that I experience in my dreams. So many times I've decided that I will regularly fulfil my dream diary, so that I could find the connection between dreams and my waking life. Unfortunately I just can’t do it… those kind of recording aren’t for me. I begin and I manage to write my dreams for about 5 days, but then… I don’t know… I just forget it. I hope that some day I will successfully make this a part of my morning routine.

And what about you, are you dreaming during the night? Probably you have your own way of processing your dreams… maybe you tell them to your partner or write them on a paper… I’m sure that you are thinking about them sometimes and that you are interested about their meaning. Whether you believe it or not, your dreams have an influence on your daily mood. Of course it’s important that you remember them in the morning, because otherwise you can’t feel some kind of mysterious effect in daytime.

The intensity of positive and negative dreams emotions is also very important. Dreams full of emotions will be more influential on your living. For example, nightmares have a strong impact on daytime mood, because they are accompanied by negatively toned emotions and awakening from sleep.

And here are also some gender differences. Women reported effects of dreams on daily mood more often then men. That is probably caused by the fact that women’s dream recall frequency is higher, which understandably leads to their bigger influence on their mood.

I also have to mention a differences between people with thin and thick boundaries. People with thin boundaries are more open, overly-trusting, emotional, easily intimate with others and also they may suffer from nightmares more often then people with thick boundaries. Latter are more rigid, stable, reserved and less intimate with others. Are you wondering which category is yours? Click here and find out by yourself.

The impact of dreams is also stronger in introvert, while extrovert are more likely to share their dreams with others. At the end I have to add that your beliefs are very important. And if you don’t bother with your dreams at all, then you can’t expect their influence on everyday life. But if you are very interested in the meaning of your dreams, and you think about them a lot, then you should feel the impact on your mood.

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